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Art by Kyler Martz
Breast cancer ribboncrescent moonMarioscorpionScampi Art Skeleton DesertLong Way HomeBellowEagleAnchor/Heart - cover up.Gumball Kewpie 7x5Family CrestDesert landscapeKoiClipper Ship/Octopus -1 session 10hrs.SquidCollabortion piece on our friend Simon. Art and tattoo by BOTH Apryl and AnthonyPhoenix signPocket watchFly/Shaking HandsStay GoldBates MotelFreddyChuckyJasonHannibal LecterJalapenoCornPretzelChicago style hot dogOlive/Pickleknee - Coney Island Tillie
Art by Audrey Kawasaki
Mini Truck AirbagThe Ragtones


ExcitebikePink Floydpainting by TaikyuOhio State Football LogoScriptMOMMY TRIEDPIRACYHard Work
Tattoos by Anthony
I have always been interested in art and tattoos. I started getting tattooed at a very young age and instantly knew it was what I wanted to do.
I spent a good part of my life getting tattooed, involving myself in the industry and producing art.
I would love to meet new people and keep learning and growing as an artist.
If you are interested in a tattoo, please email me at:


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